Easily Center Bootstrap Nav

It took forever, but I was successfully able to center bootstrap nav. Center Bootstrap Nav, Please Gods I’m not going to lie, this adventure took me entirely too many hours, a few anger breaks, several cups of water and cat pet breaks (they suck me in with their purrs!). I googled “center navbar bootstrap.” And […]

Rento Game Review, Android

What happened? Rento has literally made time disappear. At some point this weekend, I clicked on some link bait that mentioned Monopoly. I became obsessed with the idea of playing Monopoly. I always had a torrid love hate relationship with the game. And distance had made the heart grow fonder. Because of this, I was driven […]

Web Design Process – Avoiding Headaches

My Web Design Process Compiling information The first thing I do in my web design process is figure out what my client wants by getting them to fill out a questionnaire. Then I scope out competitor’s sites. I make a list of everything I think the website should feature. Once I figure that out, I create the […]

Bootstrap Cols (and Rows)

Today, I continued work on the portfolio section of Free Code Camp. The main focus for this round of projects seems to be bootstrap. And for the most part, it saves me time and energy and frustration (getting columns to space just right has ALWAYS been a pain in the arse). However, I couldn’t for […]

Bootstrap & CSS

I spent a disgusting amount of time this evening trying to figure out why part of my code was not rendering in the preview panel. When I say disgusting, I’m thinking it was two hours. Though to be fair, I did not time it and staring at code knowing it’s probably one stupid character out […]

Free Code Camp

I’m about two weeks in and so far, so easy. I know enough about HTML and CSS the HTML5 and CSS section was a breeze. The Responsive Design with Bootstrap, Gear Up For Success and jQuery sections were easy peasy. My Tribute Page, I spent a few hours on. I didn’t exactly doll it up, but I sufficiently […]